Overlook the Costa Brava in Historic Begur

Villa La Veleta

is a vacation rental that commands a privileged overlook of the Mediterranean and Costa Brava. Yet it provides very quick access, via car or footpath, to the most upspoiled village life of the region.

Built in traditional Catalan style, including a stone tower, light streams in from a deep, wraparound terrace. But 21st century comfort and technology is also the rule.

Mature gardens. Private pool. Garage parking. Local care taking.


has resisted development, and so preserves authentic village life. Towering over it is the Medieval castle and lookout. Below is the town's history, charm, beauty and hospitality. Enjoy restaurants, shops, and galleries. From here, the whole coast is at your disposal.

Eight beaches are part of Begur. All have their own beauty and appeal. Some have small village amenities and others offer a more private getaway requiring a bit of footwork.

Costa Brava

is Spanish for Wild Coast, and the drama of its seascape is world famous. Yet the region retains so much of its original character. Beach after beach lines the coast. A few kilometers inland lie farming villages with charming squares. Hikes, strolls and special excursions abound. And wherever you go, there is simple, yet amazing food and wine just waiting to be savored.